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Eric Bischoff Discusses AEW Continuing To Sign Wrestlers


Eric Bischoff took fan questions on a recent installment of his show on

During it, he was asked about AEW continuing to sign wrestlers, many being former WWE stars, while also not releasing talent. 

“We don’t know what AEW’s strategies are,” Bischoff said. “We don’t know what their plans for growth are. There’s so much that we don’t know. That being said, if there is no strategy, and if you’re simply loading up your roster for the sake of building a big roster because somehow having a big roster is your measure of success, then yea, there’s a chance it can backfire.”

“When you look at a roster of talent, and I experienced it in WCW, when you bring in all these people, it’s great. Guess what those people all want, put money aside? They want to be on television. They want to perform. They want to live their dream of performing in front of a live audience in a meaningful way. That’s what drives them. That was their dream and that was their reason for getting into the entertainment business, specifically, professional wrestling. So if you’re just loading up a roster for the sake of loading up a roster so you can say, ‘I have one of the best rosters in the business’, big f**king deal. If you’re not using those people to the extent they feel like they’re getting their part of that dream, then ultimately you can have a challenge, and that challenge can become malignant and dangerous. But, we don’t know, do we? Let’s see what the future brings. Ask me a year from now and we’ll have a better idea.”

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