Enzo Amore On The Appeal Of AEW


Enzo Amore recently appeared on “Title Match Wrestling”. During the interview, he was asked about AEW. Enzo had an interesting take on the promotion. He believes that the primary interest in the new promotion isn’t based on the wrestling talent that will be there but rather the fact that Cody Rhodes is taking on Vince McMahon. Here’s what Enzo had to say:

I get chills when I think about it – what [Cody] is doing right now with AEW is the coolest s–t I’ve ever seen, because it’s Dusty Rhodes f—–g son going head up against Vince McMahon. When we go back, Dusty gets made a mockery of by Vince McMahon. Put him in yellow polka dots, put him with, at a time, highly scrutinized, at a time where equal rights, and racism, and things of that nature were running rampant, it was a different world, he put him with a black woman and he said, ‘Okay, now go get over now.’ ‘The American Dream Dusty Rhodes? Now go get over, because you know what? You used to book against me, you used to be my competition, Dusty Rhodes. And now you’re working for me.’ That’s [Vince]’s mindset.

To see Cody kind of reignite that flame in essence, to me, is the coolest thing because it’s his son.

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