English Folk Singer Frank Turner Shares Story Of Working With CM Punk During Music Video, How It Was Originally Supposed To Be Daniel Bryan


During a recent interview with the Last Minute Wrestling podcast English folk singer Frank Turner shared a story of former WWE champion CM Punk, who Turner worked with on a music video several years ago. Check out the highlights from his interview below.

On Bryan being initially chosen to star in the video, the British singer stated:

“I’ve been told Daniel Bryan was wearing one of my shirts. Had no idea who he was but it seemed cool and I think we had a conversation about it on Twitter. Ben Morse, who makes all of my videos, called me and pitched a video where I wrestled Daniel Bryan. We got in touch with him but he had contractual obligations with WWE and he couldn’t do it, then, at the time, he had his neck injury. He still comes to my shows when we play in America and still wears my t-shirts from time to time.”

On how the CM Punk deal happened:

“There’s a punk band from Minneapolis called Off With Their Heads and the singer Ryan, knew CM Punk. We got his email address, we explained the situation and he came back to us saying: fuck it, why not? Researching on him I discovered the indie wrestling scene and I felt his story was really close to mine.”

Turner also trained in wrestling for preparing for the video:

“I was taught how to sell a punch, roll on my shoulder and it was in a warehouse in a commercial district somewhere in South London. The day was great up until the end where I hurt myself suring a flatback bump. You gotta be careful with your neck, I smacked my head and it was horrible. There’s a theatrical aspect of course, but you gotta be a serious athlete for doing well and I’m not a serious athlete!”

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