Could Ember Moon’s Eclipse be banned?


Ember Moon has been tearing through the NXT Women’s Division since her televised debut at NXT Takeover: Back II Brooklyn. She owes her success to her dynamic finishing move, The Eclipse.  Moon’s diving corkscrew stunner from the top rope has thrilled audiences around the world, as well as gaining her countless victories during her ascent through the division.

In fact, it recently was the cause for her most important victory in NXT to date. On the most recent episode of NXT television, Ember Moon defeated Billie Kay after delivering The Eclipse, ultimately earning her a match at NXT Takeover: Orlando against Asuka for the NXT Women’s Championship.

While Moon celebrated her victory, Billie Kay laid motionless on the canvas.  Trainers rushed the ring to check on her.  She was finally able to leave the ring under her own power, though she clutched her neck and appeared to be crying.

The Iconic Duo has taken to social media in order to start a movement to ban Ember Moon’s Eclipse.

We will have to see if Ember Moon’s finisher gets banned over the next few weeks as she heads towards her clash with Asuka for the NXT Women’s Championship at Takeover: Orlando.

Billie Kay and Peyton Royce are doing their job and being heels.  We wouldn’t imagine that the move gets banned, as it is one of the most dynamic parts of NXT television when Moon wrestles.  However, it would make the NXT Women’s Championship match at Takeover: Orlando rather interesting.

If the plan for said match is to have Asuka retain the title, we could see a solid reason for banning the move.  If they were to go that route, the booking would lend itself to a ready-made rematch where Moon is allowed to use the move.

As it is, we would guess that Asuka is in line for a call-up after WrestleMania.  The only thing for sure at this point is that the match between Moon and Asuka has the potential to be one of the best matches of WrestleMania Weekend.

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