Ember Moon Discusses Being On Raw, Her Feud With Asuka & More


Ember Moon was a recent guest on Sky Sports Lock Up Wrestling Podcast. During the interview, she discussed her time on Monday Night Raw, her feud with Asuka & more. Here are the highlights:

Ember On Her Time On Monday Night Raw:

It was such a cool, overwhelming experience when I got to Monday Night RAW, and I feel like that was started all over, and it’s a lot of hurry up and wait, and every opportunity that I’ve been given, or have earned here, I’ve taken advantage of it and knocked it out of the park every single time so is there is a rush? Yes, there’s always a rush. There’s always a want to have more. I want to wrestle Ronda Rousey. I want to wrestle Nia Jax, I want… there’s so many… I wanna wrestle Sasha and Bayley and there’s so many I want, I want, I want but it’s hard to try and grab everything at once so it’s all about being patient and just seizing the right opportunity at the right time.

On Her Dream Opponent & Her Feud With Asuka:

My dream opponent would actually be Beth Phoenix but that is the ultimate dream but as far as Asuka goes she’s my biggest rival – I’ve said it time and time again. She’s on my list. I’d love another crack at her. I would love to have another match just to prove that I can beat her and to have another great rivalry with my best friend-worst enemy, but you know, it’s… it kind of stinks because we’re on different brands right now but who knows. Hopefully soon, I’ll see her in the Rumble. That would be great, hopefully. Like I said she’s one of my best friends, my worst enemies, but yeah I would love another crack at Asuka. Just throwing her over at the Evolution battle royal wasn’t enough for me.

You can check out the full episode by clicking HERE

Credit: Sky Sports Lock Up Wrestling Podcast. H/T Fightful.

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