Elias: I’d face The Rock in a WrestleMania singing contest


WWE’s resident musician Elias may be one of the standout performers of 2018 so far – but ahead of WrestleMania, the man himself says we’ve seen nothing yet.

The former NXT star has found quite the groove for himself on Raw with his pre-bout solo guitar performances and jibes at audiences wherever he travels.

His natural charisma and timing have made him something of a hit with fans, who are eagerly anticipating his performance at WrestleMania in New Orleans on April 8.

It is clear the 30-year-old Pittsburgh native has huge plans for the company’s biggest show of the entire year.

He promised it will be one to remember, saying: “My performance at WrestleMania will be something unlike anything you’ve seen Elias do yet.

“What we call it is the grandest stage of them all, right?

“I am the grandest performer on Monday Night Raw and in all of WWE, so it is only fitting that at WrestleMania, the biggest show we have, I put on the biggest show we’ve ever seen.”

So just what might Elias be up to at Wrestlemania this year?

His punishing feud with the Monster Among Men Braun Strowman continues with each passing week – though usually with the Raw virtuoso on the receiving end.

Hollywood superstar Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson proved to be a hit early in the 2000s with his own stint of in-ring ballads, but Elias clearly sees himself in a different league altogether.

“If The Rock wants to Walk With Elias then he’s more than welcome to,” he said.

“Keep in mind, The Rock maybe [performed with a guitar] a dozen times on television, but I am doing it on every week, and I’m doing it on the live events where we have hundreds of dates a year.

“So, if the Rock wants to Walk With Elias, he’s welcome to try.”

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