Edge On Why AEW’s Double Or Nothing Might Struggle To Be A Sell Out


During the latest episode of their podcast, Edge and Christian went into further detail on AEW. While Christian is confident that AEW’s “Double Or Nothing” is going to be another sell-out show, Edge isn’t quite as convinced. Here are the highlights from the podcast:

Christian On Whether He Thinks It’ll Be A Sell Out Show:

I think they will [sell it out]. I mean, I think they proved they could do it with ALL IN. I think they’ve stumbled… not stumbled… worked hard for this and I think there’s definitely an interest.

Edge On Why A “Double Or Nothing” Sellout Might Not Be As Easy:

The only reason I say that with a question mark is because ALL IN was in Chicago [Illinois], which is a [pro] wrestling stronghold. Yeah, [Las] Vegas is just a little bit different. That’s the only reason I question it. And it’s a bigger arena. I think they ran a 10,000 seater the last time. This is 17,000+. I hope they do. I really do. And the Jacksons and Cody, The [Young] Bucks and Cody, I love the fact that even if they didn’t have this vision from the beginning, they realized to shoot for the stars and give this a try. And then, they run into financial folks like we talked about that are willing to do this with the Khans. It’s exciting!

Edge On Why More Promotions Are Good For The Business:

Anytime there’s a monopoly in anything, I never think it’s good. So to see the New Japans, and the Ring Of Honors, and the Impacts, and now the AEWs of the world are either still trying to begin or have already been around. So it’s good.

Edge On Where He Thinks The Business Will Be In Ten Years:

I mean, WWE [will be number one in 10 years]. Even if, heaven forbid, something happens to Vince, it’s still going to be WWE. I don’t think that much can change in 10 years. I don’t. That’s not to say I don’t think there will be other viable and possibly thriving places for people to work, which is great, but I mean, if you’re looking at the top of the food chain, I don’t think that’s going to change.

Christian On If He Agrees With Edge’s Assessment Of The Future Wrestling World:

I think it pretty much goes without saying. Yeah, I echo [Edge’s] statements.

You can listen to the full podcast below:


Credit: E&C’s Pod of Awesomeness. H/T WrestlingInc.

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