Edge & Christian On Which Moves Are More Painful Than They Look


On a recent episode of E&C’s Pod of Awesomeness, Edge and Christian participated in a fan Q&A. One of the questions that they were asked was which wrestling moves were more painful than they looked. Both had surprising answers.

Edge On A Badly Executed Bodyslam Being Painful:

I can tell you one off the top of my head and it all depends on the person executing it and you’re basically left up to how they execute it. And it sounds simple and it sounds crazy, but a bodyslam because if they over-rotate you or they can drop you on the top of your shoulders and it’s all up to the person doing it. I remember I took one from Big Show and he’s so damn tall, right? And I hit a little bit feet first, which then caused me to hit lower back. My entire back seized up. I remember I rolled out of the ring and I couldn’t lift my feet! And it was a no-DQ match. [Shudders] It was weird.

Christian On The Monkey Flip Being His Choice:

This sounds weird too, but a monkey flip can be the same way, right? I remember I had a hard time when I was wrestling training and I took a lot of pride that I picked it up really, really fast, but I always had a hard time first of all giving monkey flips because I would always come down and slam my lower back and I got this bruise and we kept working on monkey flips and it always hurt me so bad. And I remember taking monkey flips too, and if you get over-rotated on that, you can kind of snap your head forward in a little bit of a whiplash motion, right? And if you don’t get thrown far enough, you can land on your shoulder blades first and then kind of come back on your lower back and feet, so there’s that too. Sometimes, with that too, it kind of depends on how hard the person is pushing you off with their legs.

You can listen to the full episode of E&C’s Pod of Awesomeness below:


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