Edge & Christian On Batista & Roman Reigns’ Respective Returns & More


While Roderick Strong was the guest on the latest episode of “E&C’s Pod of Awesomeness”, the most interesting part of the podcast was when Edge and Christian went into detail on the returns of both Batista and Roman Reigns. Here are the highlights:

On Roman Reigns’ Return:

Christian: On a human level, if you know him, he’s just a really good dude. A good person. Just to have to fight through something like that and be brave enough to talk about it the way that he did, that has to be tough on him and his family. It’s great news that he’s in remission and that he’s back.

Edge: Like I said, who cares if he got back to wrestling? It’s important that they make sure he’s healthy and is there for his family. So, it’s really good news on all fronts.

On Batista’s Return:

Edge: It looks like he’s back for WrestleMania against Triple H.

Christian: I’ve talked to Dave a lot. It’s funny, he texted me on Sunday that he won’t be back in town until Tuesday. I was trying to catch up with him and get a bite to eat. It didn’t even dawn on me. I feel like he’s a bit of an asshole that he didn’t tell me. I thought it was a great surprise.

Edge: He’s talked about wanting to work Hunter and that’ll be it.

Christian: He’ll be there for the build-up and he will do everything and bust his ass. He’s that type of guy. He doesn’t need the platform but he loves the business. It’s in his blood. He wouldn’t be coming back if it wasn’t for the right reasons.

Christian On The Revival’s Losing Streak:

[I’m waiting to see what happens] when the titles are finally on the line. The cool thing with being a heel is that you can get away with anything. They can say, “Oh, we’re undefeated in tag team defenses.” If you’re a heel and believe it, you can make that work. That will probably be the spin.

On Kofi Kingston Being Pulled From Fastlane:

Christian: I think it’s another twist and a play off of what we saw with Becky Lynch. It’s another good surprise because nobody was expecting to see Kevin Owens back. I think it’s to further build this organic KofiMania. It was interesting and I didn’t see it coming. It makes sense to extend the feud to Mania.

Edge: That way you don’t have to see it three pay-per-views in a row. I think it is awesome. It’s great because it injects Owens into it. Him and Bryan will have a great match. It also allows Kofi to go to Mania and get an amazing moment.

You can listen to the podcast below:


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