EC3 Says He’s A Fan Of The Tag Me In Movement, Discusses Mental Health Issues In Wrestling


ROH superstar EC3 recently spoke on Insight With Chris Van Vilet about mental health issues in pro-wrestling, and how he is a big fan of the Tag Me In movement. He also touches on his current character incarnation. Highlights from the interview are below.

On the Tag Me In movement and mental health struggles in wrestling:

“I think the Tag Me In movement is doing a great job. Mental health issues are a plague on our society, not just the wrestling industry. Everyone goes through it and it’s OK to talk about it. Being able to discuss things and having someone who is there to listen, that’s really all we truly need in the most part.”

Talks his current character incarnation:

“I pitched the whole character that this started as. I pitched it verbally, written, and then I filmed the promo that I released on the day I was fired, because I sent it to them on the day I was fired. So I was like I cut this great promo and I cut my hair. No matter what happened, I didn’t want people to think that I didn’t try. There was a time and I didn’t care and I wasn’t trying, but that’s not me. I’d rather go down swinging than be shot. But yes, that was pitched along with an underground fight club essence to it. Then I’m released and 90 days later I have my match, which took place in a dimly lit underground looking garage. Obviously it is Fight Club inspired. But then a week later they start Raw Underground, so I guess they found my pitch in the trash.”

Full interview is below.


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