EC3 makes a bold move relinquishing title to main event NWA 75 PPV


EC3 is ready for achieve his final form. He made a bold move to relinquish the NWA National Heavyweight Championship to pursue Tyrus and the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship in the main event of NWA 75.

The National Wrestling Alliance returned with a fresh season of NWA Powerrr. EC3 was booked to defend his championship against “Thrillbilly” Silas Mason. EC3 noted earlier in the day that he had big plans if successful in that match.

Tonight begins the path to NWA 75. For EC III, tonight begins the evolution into this final form, this over… man. Tonight on NWA Powerrr, I set out to conquer the World Championship.

EC3 had a tough challenge against Silas. The Thrillbilly ran roughshod over EC3 early in the match. EC3 turned the tide by coercing Silas to collide into the ring post. He went to work on tenderizing his opponent’s shoulder.

Silas caught his second wind for a power rally. When he tried to finish with the Thrill Ride, EC3 escaped to counter for a headlock driver. EC3 added a second headlock driver, but that wasn’t enough to keep Silas down.

EC3 exited to grab his title belt as a foreign object. Manager Pollo Del Mar entered the ring to prevent shenanigans, or so she thought. EC3 pushed her toward Silas. The Thrillbilly decided winning the championship was more important than the love of his lady. Silas shoved Pollo down to the mat. As the referee checked on Pollo, EC3 stuck Silas with the title belt. EC3 scored a roll-up to win.

EC3 made his move after the match. He dropped the NWA National Heavyweight Championship down on the mat.

Joe Galli screamed on commentary that this action signified EC3 relinquished that title and is challenging Tyrus for the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship at NWA 75. Apparently, that was enough to force an official match for the PPV. NWA 75 is scheduled for August 26 and August 27 in St. Louis, Missouri.

Watch EC3’s national title match on the latest episode of NWA Powerrr.

Will you be rooting for EC3 or Tyrus to walk out of NWA 75 with the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship?

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