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Eagles mock draft round up: 7 rounds edition


Rutgers v Penn State
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Seven levels of mock draft hell

In previous weeks we have looked at mock draft that do not take a cornerback, and mocks that had the Eagles trading up. This week it’s time to turn to seven round mock drafts. I applaud the mock drafters who do the whole seven rounds, they know it is time consuming and that they are not going to be anything close to accurate. Great busy work though.

Chris Trapasso, CBS

22 – EDGE Chop Robinson, Penn State

50 – WR Ja’Lynn Polk, Washington

53 – S Jaden Hicks, Washington State

120 – S Malik Mustapha, Wake Forest

161 – DT Keith Randolph, Illinois

171 – S Tyreek Smith, Georgia

172 – WR Tahj Washington, USC

210 – QB Carter Bradley, South Alabama (erroneously listed as a CB)

The first three picks, fine. Not wild about it, and doesn’t feel realistic. But it’s not crazy.

But the rest of the draft, what is this? Three safeties and no cornerbacks, not happening. Big Dom should carry Howie Roseman out of the Nova Care facility before they can finalize selecting a second safety let alone three. I assume that listing Bradley–who is former future Eagles head coach Gus “Bus” Bradley’s son–as a CB was a typo.

At 120 CBs Jarrian Jones and Elijah Jones are on the board, and I’d rather have either of them than Mustapha or any safety. The Eagles already have five draft picks on the roster at the DT, Keith Randolph doesn’t bring anything to the table that they don’t already have. At 171 CBs MJ Devonshire, Chau Smith-Wade, and others are on the board. Tahj Washington doesn’t offer the deep threat the Eagles want. At 210 Jarvis Brownlee and Qwan’Tez Stiggers are available, but instead he’s got the Eagles, who just drafted a QB last year and traded for one this year, taking another. No. Do better Chris.

Vinny Iyer, The Sporting News

22 – CB Quinyon Mitchell, Toledo

50 – S Calen Bullock, USC

53 – EDGE Adisa Isaac, Penn State

120 – RB Ray Davis, Kentucky

161 – CB Chau Smith-Wade, Washington State

171 – WR Isaiah Williams, Illinois

172 – OT Isaiah Adams, Illinois

210 – C Bryan Hudson, Louisville

I would be surprised if Mitchell is available at 22 but if he’s there, sure. Meanwhile that’s way too early for Bullock, who should be a day 3 pick. It is also too early for Isaac. Though the Eagles do have a need for another edge, they haven’t shown interest in any of the 2nd or 3rd tier guys. Ray Davis I like and they do need another RB. Smith-Wade is a slot corner, which is fine, bringing back Avonte Maddox simply gave them a safety net if the board didn’t go their way for slot. Worth noting that the very next pick is Decamerion Richardson, an outside corner who the Eagles reportedly had in for a 30 visit.

Two Isaiahs from Illinois on back to back picks. No thanks on either one, Williams is a slot-only receiver who offers no speed; Adams lacks the size the Eagles want in their OL. Hudson will be a UDFA.

James Fragoza, PFN

22 – CB Nate Wiggins, Clemson

50 – LB Edgerrin Cooper, Texas A&M

53 – G Cooper Beebe, Kansas State

120 – WR Brenden Rice, USC

161 – EDGE Cedric Johnson, Ole Miss

171 – S Jaylon Carlies, Missouri

172 – OT Javon Foster, Missouri

210 – RB Isaac Guerendo, Louisville

Wiggins is still a popular pick for the Eagles, nothing to say here that hasn’t already been said. I would rather have Payton Wilson than Cooper, who looks like an inside/outside linebacker tweener who isn’t really good enough at either to stick. Beebe is a really good guard and the Eagles could use a guard, works for me, I don’t care that he has short arms. Rice has size that he doesn’t really use, and some speed that he also doesn’t really use; if he took advantage of them better he’d be a day two pick. Jaylon Carlies, no thank you. Javon Foster is an interesting swing tackle prospect I would take a chance on if they don’t take one high. I can not see Guerendo being on the board at 210, but if he is I’m on board.

Shane Hallam, Draft Countdown

22 – EDGE Chop Robinson, Penn State

50 – OT Roger Rosengarten, Washington

53 – LB Junior Colson, Michigan

161 – CB Khyree Jackson, Oregon

171 – G Brady Latham, Arkansas

172 – RB Kendall Milton, Georgia

187 – WR Jalen Coker, Holy Cross

210 – TE Zach Heins, South Dakota State

There’s a lot to not like here starting with Hallam not giving the Eagles pick 120 that they acquired in the Kenny Pickett trade, and somehow giving them pick 187 in a trade with the Falcons that never happened. There are no mock trades in this mock, so this is inexplicable.

Another Chop Robinson pick. Undersized edge rusher feels unrealistic, meanwhile Cooper DeJean, Tyler Guyton, and JC Latham were on the board. Rosegarten is an interesting prospect that I like, 50 is probably a little too high for him and I don’t see him sliding over to guard in the short term to provide value. At 53 I’d rather have Payton Wilson, who goes 58 to Green Bay, than Colson, who I think is a reach here. Khyree Jackson is a college journeyman (4 programs in 5 years) who will be 25 years old when the season starts who lacks the long speed (4.5 40, but a 1.51 10), which isn’t surprising since he’s 6’3”. After an offseason signing young free agents, it is difficult to see the Eagles then drafting a 25 year old. Jackson is older than Kelee Ringo, Eli Ricks, Mario Goodrich, and Mekhi Gardner. Brady Latham lacks the bulk the Eagles want at guard and lacks the athletic traits to make up for it. Milton brings size to the backfield but offers nothing as a receiver, he doesn’t fit the Eagles mold. I am not at all impressed by Jalen Coker but the Eagles don’t actually have this pick so it doesn’t matter. Zach Heins, he’s a 6’7” blocking tight end. That’s a UDFA.

The actual seven round draft can not get here soon enough.

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