Dustin Rhodes On How Long His Run With AEW Will Last, Tagging With Cody, Working With The Young Bucks and more


Following last night’s Fight for the Fallen event, AEW star Dustin Rhodes participated in the post-show media scrums. Highlights of his interview are below.

Tagging with Cody:

I’ve always been a singles-player, but I’m also good in tag teams. To go out there tonight, with my brother, the Brotherhood back together again, it was a special moment, much like Double or Nothing was a special moment.

If this was their last time tagging together:

I don’t know. We’re going to see where it goes here in a couple weeks. Maybe have some talks, maybe do some thinking. Want to get into acting a little bit but I found a new passion. I found a new passion and that’s AEW.

How he’s changed since his Double or Nothing match with Cody:

When I was at the other company, I felt like I lost my passion a little bit because you’re sitting in the back and you have so much to offer the business because you’ve been in it all your life and that’s what you do good. They wouldn’t give me the opportunity to go out there and shine. So I get out of prison, and I’m free, and I can do what I want to do. That call from Cody happened…put it together…Double or Nothing…I trained my butt off for that match. This was the most important thing I would ever do in my 31 years in the business…and it was. From the start to the finish…that match to me was perfection.

On the Young Bucks:

They are very impressive. They do some unbelievable stuff. Unreal stuff in that ring. It’s like, ‘Holy Moly now I have to wrestle these guys.’ I’m just thinking to myself ‘Do I have it in me?’ I’m 50 years old. But I felt good about it but I was nervous because I wanted to be there for everything for  them because I still have something to prove: that I can hang with the kids. They are much younger than me, but I think I did a good job tonight.

Watching Cody run things backstage:

To see Cody…the way he runs things in the back…it’s very impressive. It reminds me of my dad. The way he used to do with WCW. The way he handled stuff. The way he had his hands on everything and working his butt off. Right now man he’s at the helm and he’s trying to give the fans this revolution and this change in the business that is way overdue. It’s time. I think when TV gets here, it’s going to be impressive. As long as we put on a good first TV, they’re going to come back.

How long he sees himself working AEW as an in-ring performer:

Double or Nothing was supposed to be really truly one last ride for me, and that turned into two. As long as I can still have my dreams of being and becoming an actor, which I’m already lined up for a few movies, do those, maybe come in and do some stuff with the kids here…it feels good. I have been rejuvenated. I could go another year or two years. I don’t know what I’m going to do yet though. I have a lot to think about. There’s some stuff that’s been offered, so let me think about it. I’ll let the world know. But I’m having fun, and I’m enjoying the ride right now.

Watch the full interview below. (H/T Chris Van Vilet)

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