Drew McIntyre Talks Heel or Face, How It Feels To Be Winning, Creation of the Claymore Kick


Drew McIntyre spoke with WTOP-FM in Washington, DC earlier this week and said his WrestleMania 35 match with Roman Reigns is a huge opportunity. Regarding his current push, Drew said things are happening for a reason and he’s ready.

“It feels pretty fantastic,” Drew said when asked how it feels to win lately. “I’ve been back on Raw for less than a year and I’m obviously fighting Roman at WrestleMania and that’s a huge opportunity. But also, you know, it’s not my first day. I’m an 18-year overnight success, you may say, and things are happening for a reason and I’m ready for this opportunity.”

When asked if he prefers to work as a heel or face, McIntyre said bad guys have more fun but he enjoys both roles.

“Bad guys have more fun,” Drew said. “But I enjoy both; my story can work a couple of ways. It can be an inspiration that if you do work hard you will achieve anything you want, and it can also be, ‘Only I could do that.’”

McIntyre also told the story behind his Claymore Kick finisher, revealing that a tight pair of pants during his 3MB days led to the creation of the move.

“Funny story behind it,” Drew said. “Back in 3MB I was in a tag-team match: It was myself and Jinder against Ryback and somebody, and I was running to give Ryback a big boot. If you don’t know what a big boot is, it’s basically when you run at somebody and kick them in the face and you stay standing while you do it. Unfortunately, in 3MB I was wearing extremely tight leather pants that didn’t necessarily fit me. So as I ran to give him the big boot, the pants were so tight, as I raised my foot to his head, I had to kick up the other leg or I would have torn my crotch and I kept rotating around and landed on the back of my own head and knocked myself out. But once I watched it back, I went ‘Wow; that was really cool. If I can figure out how to do that kick without killing myself, I’ve got something here.’ And that’s the day the Claymore was created.”

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