Drew McIntyre Says He’s Coming For Roman Reigns, Reigns Responds


WWE superstar Drew McIntyre made his presence known on last night’s episode of SmackDown when he defeated Jey Uso in front of current Universal champion, Roman Reigns. Today McIntyre has taken to Twitter to issue a warning to the Tribal Chief ahead of next weekend’s Survivor Series pay per view. He writes, “Forging a legacy for myself, no family to open doors for me. First I beat Randy and reclaim my WWE Title, then I’m coming for you Roman.”

Reigns would respond to the Scottish Psychopath with, “The whole “family opening the doors” thing is so played out and just an unoriginal excuse. Free lesson for you, Drew. It’s not about getting in the door, it’s about owning the room. Which you will never do..while I’m around. Good luck on Monday at #RAW.”

See the exchange below.

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