Drew McIntyre Reveals Why He Chose NXT Over The Main Roster



Drew Mclntyre recently spokes with the AfterBuzz TV show X-Pac 12360, he spokes on multiple topics, including being the John Cena of NXT and why he chose to join over NXT instead of main rooster. Here are the highlights:

On Called himself the John Cena of NXT:

“Just think of me as your John Cena of NXT. If there is something going on & someone doesn’t want to do it, then I’m your guy. I’m doing this, I’m happy. It’s nothing fake, I generally do enjoy this.”

Many were taken by surprise when McIntyre joined NXT instead of the main roster, as he possesses the in-ring skill, mic skills, he has the look and is the overall package in WWE to succeed. However, McIntyre explained why he decided to join NXT instead:

” Just the buzz in the locker room, just the way the shows are put together. How much your opinion is valued. It’s a team effort, and that’s how it feels just one big team effort. I didn’t want to be on RAW or Smackdown, I said that publicly before. I wanted to be apart of NXT, and Hunter bringing me into his baby, wanting me to be apart of it is such a huge honor.”

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