Drew McIntyre Jokes That He And Randy Orton Broke Into Song After Raw Went Off The Air


WWE champion Drew McIntyre was the latest guest on Busted Open Radio where the Scottish Psychopath joked about doing a dance number with Randy Orton at the end of Monday Night Raw, and claiming that AEW’s Chris Jericho stole the idea from them for Wednesday’s Dynamite.

Honestly. McIntyre said when asked if he would change anything from his current run as WWE Champion. “If I changed anything, I might not be where I’m at and who I am and what exactly I’m doing right now. I’ve said it my whole career, I would never change one thing in case the butterfly effect screwed me up. I’ve been very happy and proud of everything I’ve achieved. Especially these past few months with the Randy Orton feud, this has really cemented me as a top-level main event performer, everything we’ve been able to achieve is such a rarity. To keep a feud going for three months, it’s obviously going to come to a head this Sunday. To keep up with Randy, we’ve done pretty much everything there is to do. We’ve fought an unlimited number of times. The ending of Raw, I know some people were on the fence about it, but realistically, what were we gonna do? Is he gonna drop me again? Is he gonna take off again? Are we gonna fight for the millionth time? If the cameras kept rolling, you would have saw what would’ve happened. Is everyone ready for what happened when the cameras went off? Randy Orton and Drew McIntyre broke into a song and dance! You missed it! They stole it from us, damnit!

Check out the full interview here. (H/T and transcribed by Fightful)

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