Doping: A huge scandal to come for France 98?


Doping: A huge scandal to come for France 98?

Italian football is in turmoil. Since the tragic disappearance of Gianluca Vialli, speaking out has multiplied in the transalpine media about doping, one of the causes suspected of being at the origin of the death of the former Juventus striker. This huge scandal could involve four world champions from the 1998 epic.

The old demons reappear in Italy after the death of Gianluca Vialli. The latter succumbed to a long illness, certainly linked to the doping products he had ingested during his career, a few weeks after the death of Sinisa Mihajlovic for the same suspicions. The controversy swells more and more following the speech of Dino Baggioformer player Parma and teammate of the two deceased. The latter revealed having used doping products during his career, like his teammates and other teams of Series A. Problem, four 1998 world champions played in the suspected clubs.

“There has always been doping”

Dino Baggiomember of the team of Parma who had triumphed over OM in the final of the UEFA Cup in 1999, revealed to have doped during his career. ” We need to go back to what we took, we need to investigate a bit about the substances taken during these times. I don’t know if it’s due to that, but there has always been doping. We never took weird stuff because there was a percentage you had to respect. But over time, you have to see if certain substances are good or not, if they can be eliminated or remain inside the body. I’m also afraid, it happens to too many players. In my years, there was too much doping “, he entrusted to TV7. A terrible revelation that could involve heroes from France 98.

France 98 involved?

For the moment, we cannot say anything. On the other hand, we can note that Dino Baggio had two 98 world champions by his side at Parma. This is’Alain Boghossian and of Lilian Thuram. The first came just after the first title of Blues at Parma. For Thuram, it is quite different. The hero of France-Croatia evolved since 1996 to Parma. Another suspected club, the Juventus Torinoin which evolved both Zinedine Zidane and Didier Deschamps. The Old lady had been pinned in 1996 for suspicions of doping at the Po. In 2004, a pharmacist and a doctor were sentenced by the transalpine justice. Since its highly commented release, Dino Baggio returned to his remarks, claiming to have reacted under the influence of emotion, before affirming that it was really only a question of ” legal supplements rather than real doping products. The soap opera is not over.

Doping: A huge scandal to come for France 98? 24hfootnews.

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