Dominic Dijakovic On His Background, His WWE Tryout & More


Dominic Dijakovic, one half of Heavy Machinery, recently sat down with for an exclusive interview. During the interview, he talked about his motivation, his athletic background, what his WWE tryout was like and more. Here is the transcript from the interview:

WWE.COM: Who is Dominik Dijakovic?

DOMINIK DIJAKOVIC: Dominik Dijakovic is the physical embodiment of a lifetime’s worth of struggle, discipline, sacrifice and failure.

WWE.COM: You display a very stern demeanor. What’s the motivation for such intensity?

DIJAKOVIC: There are many emotions evoked from the broad spectrum of humanity. In my experience, the only emotion that consistently delivers success is focus. My focus is channeled through my intensity, forged from a lifetime of despair.

DIJAKOVIC: You initially had a WWE tryout several years ago before officially signing with NXT in fall 2017. Were there any other notable names at that tryout?

DIJAKOVIC: In June of 2013 I attended the final WWE tryout at Florida Championship Wrestling in Tampa, Fla. I don’t know who else was there because I don’t waste time worrying about the accomplishments of others as those are distractions which will deter my focus. My goal was to obtain a WWE contract and I failed. In my life, I have failed countless times. Over and over and over again. And that is why Dominik Dijakovic will succeed.

WWE.COM: I take it you were motivated by your inability to obtain a job with WWE after that 2013 tryout?

DIJAKOVIC: Failure is a catalyst. Failure is a motivator. Failure is perspective. Once you live it, you learn it and understand it. Then, and only then do you know exactly how to make sure that it never happens again.

WWE.COM: Your experience includes quite the athletic background.

DIJAKOVIC: Athleticism was a mandatory expectation in my upbringing. I competed collegiately at an elite level in both American football and basketball simultaneously. This afforded me the resources to attend university and receive an undergraduate and graduate degree in criminology.

You can read the full interview by clicking HERE


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