Dolph Ziggler Says He Had To Fight To Get Time With Goldberg At SummerSlam, Threatened To Quit


In a recent interview with Alex McCarthy of Talk Sport, WWE star Dolph Ziggler discusses his matchup with Goldberg at this year’s SummerSlam that saw the Show-Off get defeated in roughly one minute. Ziggler explains that initially WWE wanted the matchup to be over in seconds, but after multiple attempts to change their mind and threatening to walk away, they gave him some time.

Okay I’m here to do business and do special things. I try not to be the fan. I find out what the business is and I’m like ‘Cool this is the moment.’ And having that like ‘You’re the guy to do this. To set the record straight and give this guy this fantastic match. I’m like, ‘Fantastic.’ Then they go, ‘it’s gonna be bell spear’ and I go ‘Come on.’ So I fought all day long, threatened to leave, threatened to leave. Do anything I can do — ‘Give me two damn minutes!’ And I got a minute, whatever, what are you gonna do?

Check out a clip of the interview below.

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