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Dolph Ziggler Returned at Sunday’s WWE Live Event


– Dolph Ziggler made his return at Sunday’s WWE live event in Vancouver, British Columbia. Ziggler appeared at the start of the show with a WWE Studios film crew, apparently to film a scene for the “6:42” thriller he’s been working on. Ziggler was filmed going to a seat in the crowd and walking back as fans entered the arena.

Later in the show, Rusev and Summer Rae came out to cut promos on Lana and Ziggler. This led to Lana coming out for a cat fight with Summer. Ziggler then ran down and brawled with Rusev, leaving him lay with a Zig Zag. Both Lana and Ziggler reportedly got big pops and celebrated together before leaving.

No word yet if Ziggler will be on tonight’s RAW but it’s possible.

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