Dolph Ziggler on Being the Best and Lana’s Claim, Tommy Dreamer and The Dudleyz Talk The Wyatts


– In this Fallout video from this week’s WWE RAW, Dolph Ziggler reacts to his win over Tyler Breeze and says it’s about time. Ziggler isn’t sure if the rivalry is over because it’s 1-1 and is Breeze wants to get back in the ring, they will. Ziggler also talks about being better than the rest of the roster and Lana’s claim that they never went “all the way.”

– Tommy Dreamer and The Dudley Boyz are featured in this RAW Fallout video with Tom Phillips. Devon and Bubba Ray Dudley talk about how they have well-known friends and how the one person they can count on, besides each other, is Tommy Dreamer. Dreamer tells The Wyatt Family to spend $9.99 and watch ECW November 2 Remember, on this day in 1997, when they went to war. Dreamer also warned The Wyatt Family and mocked them.

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