Dogos Roster revealed without a single Buenos Aires Player


Argentina’s newest professional rugby team has its own unique look. As reported by Lisandro Olearo for El Hincha, the 39-man Dogos roster contains 19 players from Córdoba, 11 from the Litoral, 5 from Mendoza, 2 from Salta, 1 from Santiago del Estero and 1 from Tucumán. In short, the team has a mainland identity and not a single player is from Buenos Aires.

Córdoba is at the heart of Los Dogos but so too is Argentine provincial rugby. The combination of players from different provinces while still being Córdoba-centric ensures a competitive team while being one that holds up the Dogos tradition.

The Córdoba names on the roster are Santiago Pulella, Octavio Filipa, Franco Molina, Efrían Elías, Agustín Segura (Jockey de Córdoba); Agustín Moyno (Córdoba Athletic); Boris Wernger (Jockey Villa María); Ramiro Valdez (La Tablada); Gregorio Hernández, Lautaro Simes, Valentín Soler, Mateo Soler (Tala).

Reserve players from Córdoba include Octavio Barbatti, Nicolás Viola, Felipe Mallía (Jockey de Córdoba); Francisco Udrisard (La Tablada); Federico Albrisi (Tala); Valentín Cabral (Córdoba Athletic) and Faustino Sánchez Volarolo (Palermo Bajo).

There are a healthy number of players from SLAR on the roster. Tomás Bartolini, Gregorio Hernández, Julián Hernández, Juan Bautista Mernes, Leonardo Gea Salim, Lautaro Simes and Boris Wenger played for Los Cafeteros Pro. Santiago Pulella and Agustín Segura are former Jaguares XV players, Franco Giudice featured for Os Cobras, Franco Molina for Selknam and Francisco Diez and Ignacio Gandini for the Olímpia Lions.

Los Dogos will be based in Córdoba. The team will train at Córdoba Athletic and play home matches at Tala. The other Argentine entrant in Super Rugby Americas will be Los Pampas. The team will play home matches in San Isidro in northern Buenos Aires.

The preseason will get underway on January 16. Los Dogos will begin their preparations for Super Rugby Americas at club Córdoba Athletic.



Santiago Francisco Palazzi (Old Lions, Santiago del Estero)
Lautaro Peralta (Mendoza RC)
Santiago Pulella (Jockey Club Córdoba)

Tomás Bartolini (Marista, Mendoza)
Román Pretz (Duendes, Rosario)
Boris Wenger (Jockey Club de Villa Maria, Córdoba)

Octavio Barbatti (Jockey de Córdoba) *
Ramiro Valdés Iribarren (La Tablada)
Octavio Filippa (Jockey de Córdoba)
Mateo Núñez (Alma Juniors de Esperanza, Santa Fé)

Federico Albrisi (Tala) *
Efraín Elías (Jockey de Córdoba) *
Gregorio Hernández (Tala)
Franco Molina (Jockey de Córdoba)
Lautaro Simes (Tala)

Aitor Bildosola (Los Tordos, Mendoza)
Juan Bautista Mernes (Estudiantes de Paraná)
Valentín Cabral (Córdoba Athletic) *
Ignacio Gandini (Duendes, Rosario)
Facundo García Hamilton (Tucumán RC)
Manuel Todaro (Universitario de Rosario);
Francisco Udrisard (La Tablada) *

Agustín Moyano (Córdoba Athletic)
Juan Cruz Strada (Santa Fé Rugby)
Nicolás Viola (Jockey de Córdoba) *

Juan Bautista Baronio (Jockey Club, Rosario)
Valentino Di Capua (Duendes, Rosario)
Julián Hernández (Marista, Mendoza)

Francisco Diez (Duendes, Rosario)
Mariano García Azcarate (Universitario, Salta)
Leonardo Gea Salim (Universitario, Salta)
Felipe Mallía (Jockey de Córdoba)
Faustino Sánchez Valarolo (Palermo Bajo) *
Agustín Segura (Jockey de Córdoba)

Lautaro Cipriani (Tilcara de Paraná)
Ernesto Giudice (Mendoza RC)
Valentín Soler (Tala)
Mateo Soler (Tala)

Franco Giudice (GER, Rosario)

* Roster Reserve

Dogos Roster revealed without a single Buenos Aires Player .

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