Didier Deschamps had several exchanges with Paul Pogba


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Several absentees are to be counted in the list of Didier Deschamps for the next meetings of the French team which will take place against Gibraltar on June 16 in Faro (Portugal) then Greece at the Stade de France on June 19. These two posters, counting for the Euro 2024 qualifiers, will therefore be without Alexandre Lacazette despite his superb season with Olympique Lyonnais, nor Paul Pogba. The midfielder is having a nightmarish season in Italy with numerous injuries and La Pioche is still unavailable for this new gathering. The coach of the France team returned to the physical problems of the 30-year-old player while confiding that he had regular exchanges with him. “I exchanged a lot with Paul (Pogba, editor’s note) of course. He has a very difficult season for him, already off the pitch. first recalled the French tactician before continuing on his repeated injuries.

“He is brought to have repeated injuries. He came back and then he had a problem again. That he has the physical and mental capacities to come back, there is no problem. Obviously he was thinking about it in case or in relation to the number of matches, the time he would have had to play. Obviously Paul has been an essential and fundamental player for the French team for years. Will it be in the next few years? He will do everything to be after I don’t have the answer. I wish him and for the French team too, but he was not there already at the World Cup and there are others who have taken over. I hope for him that he can solve all his problems and that he can leave with a normal preparation, start another season where he can regain all his athletic abilities and what he is able to do on the field with the ball and without the ball. And then in terms of leadership too…”

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Didier Deschamps had several exchanges with Paul Pogba 24hfootnews.

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