Didier Deschamps and Hugo Lloris launch the clash against Argentina!


The time for the final is fast approaching. In just over 24 hours, the France team will indeed have a date with its history. The opportunity for the Blues to afford a historic double against Argentina and win a third star. Faced with doubts on the sidelines of the tournament, injuries during the competition and now the virus (Raphaël Varane, Ibrahima Konaté and Kinglsey Coman in particular), Didier Deschamps’ men have so far shown resilience. Questioned in a press conference, this Saturday morning, Hugo Lloris then Didier Deschamps also recalled the key word of the Blues and the strength of this group: to adapt.

The Blues do not panic despite the unexpected!

“In the past, we have already proven that the French teams who have worked, in general, there has always been a very strong state of mind behind the secret of this success. We must rely on it, even if everything is possible in a match. With the adrenaline, the excitement, we will all be on our feet to surpass ourselves for this last battle., thus launched the last bastion of the Spurs. A serenity also present in Deschamps’ speech, despite the various unforeseen events encountered in recent hours. “There are imponderables, situations, you have to adapt. We did everything to find ourselves playing this match tomorrow, against Argentina. I have no worries or stress. The important thing, in preparing for such a match, is to maintain serenity. (…) The context of a final is always special. There is an emotional side that can be different depending on the players. When it’s the first final for a player, there are fewer benchmarks. Playing several of them definitely helps. It is important to manage emotions. In relation to that, my speech or the exchanges that I can have with all the players is of course not identical for each of them..

Relaunched on the game offered by the Albiceleste since the start of the competition, the tricolor coach first refused any comparison with the team met in 2018 during the knockout stages in Russia. Aware of facing a very different Argentina, DD thus recalled the importance of preparing for any type of scenario: “the six games played by Argentina, with different players, different systems, that helps us. We have three observers who have seen all the matches. This allows us to have very precise information. Argentina can do something different tomorrow, but so can we. Morocco, in the semis, started with a five-man defense. She hadn’t done it before. You have to be ready for all situations”. Giving up on the idea of ​​focusing too much on Lionel Messi, Lloris for his part returned to the qualities of this Argentinian formation.

No anti-Messi plan!

“It’s a very well organized team, very strong defensively, aggressive on the carrier. She plays very well in offensive transitions, on the mistakes of the opponent. In the history of Argentina, there have always been very great players. There was Maradona, today Messi. There will be a lot of expectation for this final on the Argentinian side. Now, I think when you’re French, playing a World Cup final, regardless of the opponent, is a great event. Meeting Argentina at this stage makes things even better. We hope that this match will remain in the annals of the French side.notably admitted the captain of the Blues, aware of the task that awaits teammates.

“You have to be ready to suffer at times. (…) Tomorrow, there will be a game plan to respect. We are still studying this team and preparing for this big game. There are always things we are not prepared for. For that, it requires an irreproachable state of mind. It’s also the feeling, the sensation of surpassing oneself, of hunkering down. We know that we are capable of playing in possession and on the counter-attack. We have a lot of fast players offensively. The strength of our team is to be able to adapt to any type of scenario. It’s a final between two great nations. When you face this kind of player (Messi), you have to be careful of him, but this game is not just about him..

Didier Deschamps and Hugo Lloris launch the clash against Argentina! 24hfootnews.

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