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Diamond Dallas Page Talks Family Battle With COVID-19, Update On QT Marshall


WWE Hall of Famer Diamond Dallas Page has released a new video on his personal Youtube channel alerting fans about he and his family’s struggles with the COVID-19 virus. Page begins by stating that he and his wife recently got super sick, with his doctors assuring him that he had contracted the virus since the symptoms matched up. He then reveals that his wife indeed tested positive, but his tests came back negative, something that neither he nor his doctor thought was accurate.

Page later shares a story about AEW star QT Marshall, who has missed recent tapings for the company because he had encountered someone who had COVID-19. Apparently Marshall did also test positive, but after quarantining for nearly three weeks he has yet to get the virus out of his system. Page recalls the illness he was feeling, stating that he was having trouble sleeping and was feeling fatigue, a weak voice, and intense body aches.

In the end Page just warns anyone watching to take the virus seriously, but how they need to be smart because there is so much misinformation going on. You can watch his full recap below.

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