Di Meco comes to the defense of Tudor and charges the supporters


This weekend, Igor Tudor could play his last match at the head of Olympique de Marseille on the lawn of Ajaccio. The trend is for the Croatian coach to leave.

Eric Di Meco

Should we keep Igor Tudor next season? This question has inflamed debates in the Marseille city in recent days. Authors of a generally positive season, the Olympians are still unsatisfied after a failed final sprint during which they notably chained three defeats in the last four games. Despite a higher number of points than last season (73 against 71 with one game remaining), OM will have to go through the play-offs to reach the Champions League. A disappointment which is added to an elimination against Annecy in the Coupe de France which goes badly with the supporters.

The 2023-2024 season could therefore see a new coach land on the Marseille bench. As rumors indicate for several players, Igor Tudor himself would not like to continue the adventure on the Canebière. The Croatian technician considers himself “unloved” by the supporters. If a decisive meeting will take place during the week, Eric Di Meco hopes that the Croatian will extend the adventure, highlighting the game put in place by the Olympian coach.

“If OM pass the play-offs, the objective will be achieved”

You know what we managed to do in this city and in this Marseille club, we managed to criticize a title of champion of France because Didier Deschamps only won 1-0 and it was not beautifulannoys the former left side of OM. Is there the Champions League? The match against Annecy? But the match won against PSG where you break them for once, does it count? The pleasure that the supporters took, it is not pleasure? If you explain to me that it’s only the result that counts and not the pleasure that people take, you can’t complain that no one watches the championship, because football is still a show, a game. Igor Tudor’s results you will do in August because if he manages to qualify OM in the Champions League, you have achieved your goal and that’s why I would like you to ‘Igor Tudor remains.

Di Meco comes to the defense of Tudor and charges the supporters 24hfootnews.

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