Deschamps’ anecdote about the 1993 final


In a few days, Olympique de Marseille will celebrate the 30th anniversary of their coronation in the 1993 Champions League, obtained against AC Milan in the final (1-0).

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Didier Deschamps, Blues France French team

“Forever the first”. It’s a slogan that every football fan has heard at least once in their life, as Marseille fans are so proud to have obtained, for France, the first (and to date the only) title of Champion of Europe. This Friday, we will celebrate the 30th anniversary of this historic victory in the Champions League. During the reception of Brest at the Vélodrome stadium the next day, festivities should be organized by the club and the supporters.

On this occasion, many former OM reminisce about these unique moments. This is the case of Didier Deschamps, who confided in AFP : “It’s hard to put into wordsconfides the current coach of the France team. At the time, we didn’t have the necessary perspective. We realize it thirty years later: it remains the first and the last success and that, we do not know at the time.

“After a quarter of an hour, it’s as if the electricity had been cut off”

And to continue:As an individual and certainly a little selfish, it is the privilege to lift this trophy as captain. This is the moment that materializes success. But there is also everything that came after. The return to Marseille from the airport to the Vélodrome, the madness that could have generated… The passion, the excitement that there can be in a club like Marseille when things are going well, it takes on very significant proportions . Being able to share this happiness and this joy with all the Marseille supporters was fabulous.

Aged 25 when he faced the formidable AC Milan at the time, Deschamps does not have the experience of his great moments: “It was my first final, I played it too much in my head the days before and on the day of the matchremembers the former defensive midfielder. It gave me a bit of energy. I still remember the warm-up and the start of the match, I have very, very good feelings. And after a quarter of an hour, it’s as if the electricity had been cut off. I say to myself: ‘No, not today…’. I had to manage, but it served me.

Deschamps’ anecdote about the 1993 final 24hfootnews.

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