Dean Ambrose Says ‘He Hasn’t Spoke To Roman Reigns In Three Weeks’


– Dean Ambrose recently did an interview with Youtuber ‘OnAirMyles’ at this past weekend’s 2K18 launch event in New York City. During the interview, Ambrose was asked about a possible Shield reunion. Ambrose claimed that he hasn’t spoke to Reigns in three weeks after a mishap at Popeyes drive-thru that resulted in “The Lunatic Fringe’s” apple pie going missing:

“I’m not speaking to Roman right now. I haven’t spoken to him in about three weeks. It all started in Huntington, WV. We stop at a Popeye’s drive thru before the show and there’s a whole thing with an alleged biscuit that didn’t make into a box or whatever but basically, he stole my apple pie. I’m not speaking to him. I told him to pull over right now and so don’t have any illusions of a Shield reunion anytime soon.”

Roman Reigns respond on Twitter to, blaming R-Truth for the missing pie:

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