Dean Ambrose Probably Undergo Surgery For Triceps Tendon Injury


As noted, Dean Ambrose went into last night’s WWE RAW with a right elbow injury but WWE did the beatdown angle with Samoa Joe and RAW Tag Team Champions The Bar to cover the injury.

WWE reported this evening that a MRI shows a likely high-grade triceps tendon injury. They added that Ambrose is set to undergo surgical exploration but will likely need surgery to repair the tendon. We noted before that Ambrose was set to be in Birmingham, Alabama on Wednesday to meet with doctors, and that may be where the surgery takes place.

There’s still no word yet on when Ambrose might be back in action but we will keep you updated. Recovery time for this injury is usually around 4-6 months. Cena had a similar injury back in 2013 and he returned in 2 months but that is not the norm.

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