Darren Young Talks CM Punk And Other Top Stars Reaction When He Came Out, If Punk Will Return To WWE


In his first interview since being released by WWE, Fred Rosser also known as WWE’s Darren Young, called in to Cerrito Live to discuss a number of topics including coming out as gay in August of 2013, former WWE Champion CM Punk having his back after going public with his sexuality, whether Punk would return to WWE, and Road Dogg’s recently resurfaced tweet alleging Billy Gunn is gay.

On the subject of coming out, Young said he was tired of living a lie and coming out was the best decision he ever made.

“I was tired of just living my life as a lie.” Young admitted, “and for 30 years, I suppressed those feelings for so long, not being myself, not being my true, authentic self, and I was tired of being affectionate behind closed doors, and then, when I’m out in public, I can’t be like any other normal couples. That’s the best decision for me that I’ve ever [made].”

Apparently, Punk hugged Young after ‘The Straight Edge Superstar”s SummerSlam main event match versus Brock Lesnar and assured ‘Mr. No Days Off’ that no one in the WWE locker room would cause any problems over his sexual persuasion.

“When I came out publicly, I think it was summertime around the time of SummerSlam,” Young recalled. “And this was when SummerSlam was being hosted at the Staples Center. The summer I came out, he had a match with Brock Lesnar. And right after his match with Brock Lesnar, in catering, he was all iced up from head to toe, and he approached me in catering in front of everybody, and he told me to stand up. I stood up and he gave me a hug. And he said, ‘I’m very proud of you for coming out and being so courageous. If you have any problem with anyone in the locker room because of this, you let me know and I will take care of this.’ And he said this to me in front of everyone in catering. I was shocked! Here he just finished his match with Brock Lesnar and him coming up to me and showing me love was very moving to me.”

In Young’s opinion, Punk is rough around the edges, but was supportive of him coming out, same with top stars such as Randy Orton and The Big Show.

“CM Punk may be rough around the edges, but he has nothing but love from me. Same with Randy Orton, Big Show, these top guys showed me so much love personably that it made me feel so at ease. It made me feel comfortable. It gave me confidence.”

When asked whether we may see Punk back in WWE, Young opined that WWE is a revolving door and CM Punk coming back would be big business now.

“They say, ‘never say never’ and ‘anything could happen in the WWE,'” Young said. “The WWE is a revolving door. I feel like the OGs, they always come back and if he would have come back now, it would be great for business.”

As for Road Dogg tweeting that Billy Gunn is gay, Young claimed that he loves Road Dogg and has nothing against him.

“Man, that’s news to me. To me personally, Road Dogg is an amazing producer, an amazing, amazing talent, and he’s a great friend of mine. People say stuff and it is what it is. Me personally, I love Road Dogg. He [has] been very helpful to me backstage and coming up with scenarios. I’ve got nothing but great things to say [about] Road Dogg. People say stuff, we’ve all said stuff that we didn’t mean to say, but I’ve got nothing against Road Dogg.” Young continued, “Road Dogg is so funny. Anytime I’d see him backstage, he’d walk passed me and say, ‘D, won’t you take a damn day off?’ And I’d say, ‘Road Dogg, no, I can’t! I’ve got to hustle! I’ve got to grind! I’ve got to be on TV! I’ve got to do what I’ve got to do!’ ‘No, no, no, take a day off!’ I said, ‘no, Road Dogg.’ But I love him. I don’t care what anybody says about him.”

Check out the interview here. Credit: Cerrito Live with an H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.

Source: Cerrito Live

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