Darren Young on WWE Contacting Him for Nexus Angle and The Bump, His Goal with NJPW, More


We noted earlier this year how WWE had plans to do a Nexus reunion angle but the COVID-19 pandemic prevented that from happening. Fred Rosser, formerly known as Darren Young in WWE, recently spoke with Fightful Select and confirmed that he was contacted for the Nexus reunion.

Rosser said WWE “took care of him” in booking him for the appearance on The Bump. He also said he would sign with WWE if they offered him another contract. Rosser noted that he has nothing negative to say about the company, but he’s not going to wait around for them to make an offer.

Rosser recently debuted for New Japan Pro Wrestling and received positive feedback from fans and wrestlers. He noted in the interview that his goal is to sign a full-time NJPW contract, and hopefully wrestle Yuji Nagata.

Rosser also revealed that it was Rocky Romero who led him to getting into NJPW. Lance Archer invited him to a NJPW show in 2019, and Rosser wanted to see how everything looked and felt, to decide if he wanted to give the promotion a chance. After seeing the show he was invited to, Rosser thought that he could make it work, but he admitted that the style had him intimidated in the past.

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