Daniel Cormier Calls Out Brock Lesnar, Dana White Says There Is No Current Timeline For A Possible Fight


After a second round submission of Derrick Lewis at last night’s UFC 230, heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier immediately called out the new Universal champion Brock Lesnar. The two have been hyping a potential fight ever since Lesnar confronted Cormier after his victory at UFC 226, entering the octagon and shoving him away. Last night, D.C. laid out the challenge again…and even tells Brock to bring his new WWE gold.

Brock Lesnar, when you come, bring that brand new WWE title too. I feel like being a WWE Champion too. Let’s go, let’s go Brock. Bring that belt with you if you come to my house.

Meanwhile, in a recent interview with ESPN, UFC President Dana White was asked if a Lesnar and Cormier fight was locked in. White hints that it should happen, but that he hasn’t heard from Brock, and that there is no potential timeline for this dream heavyweight bout.

Should be. I mean, you don’t know what happens. You know, I can’t predict anything but yeah. I have not talked to Brock tonight but I haven’t looked at my phone either. … Brock and I haven’t talked in a little while. You know, he was doing his WWE stuff and we’ll see. There’s no timeline.

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