Daniel Bryan Reveals His ‘WWE Dream Match’ (Q&A)


Daniel Bryan had a Twitter Q&A during tonight’s episode of Total Bellas. Below are some of the highlights:

Q) If you had one more match in the WWE, who would you face? NXT stars count too! 🙂


Q) If you could wrestle again in WWE, which brand would you like to be in?

Ans: “Smackdown”

Q) Would you wrestle @KennyOmegamanX and where would you fight him?


Do you still wanna see @WWECesaro on Smackdown Live ?

Q) how’s the adjustment from being a wrestler to a stay at home dad?

Ans: “I love it, but miss wrestling”

Q) Who would you like to wrestle in the Indy scene first once you come back?


Q) Are you going to bring Birdie up on a vegan diet or would you be open to let her try things?

“We will raise her vegetarian but if she wants to try meat she can and we will explain why we don’t eat it”

Q) On a scale of 1 through 10 how bad do you REALLY want to return to the ring?


Q) Proudest moment from inside the Wrestling ring not involving yourself?

Ans: “I loved watching Bri wrestle Stephanie at Summerslam”


Would you ever put your beard on the line in a match?

Q) Best wrestler in the world today in your opinion?

“Everyone has different styles, I love watching AJ, Cesaro, Minoru Suzuki, Negro Casas, Zack Sabre and Rush”

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