Daniel Bryan expected to leave the WWE


Daniel Bryan’s contract expires in roughly 18 months.  There is the expectation that he will walk away from the company and resume a pro wrestling career.  Potential companies that could be on Bryan’s radar include New Japan Pro Wrestling and CMLL, two companies that he has never competed in.


The WWE doctors did not ever clear Daniel Bryan and prevented him from ever competing again for WWE. Bryan got another opinion elsewhere and was actually cleared by his own doctors, but WWE stood their ground and had him transition into a different role.

There is quite a debate as to whether or not Daniel Bryan should resume his in-ring career and risk further (potentially serious) injury, especially with a baby on the way. Meltzer stated that Bryan shouldn’t return to the ring, and many people share that same sentiment.


There is still quite a bit of time between now and when Bryan’s contract expires, meaning a lot could happen.  For the time being, there shouldn’t be too much change to the status quo on SmackDown Live.

While it would be great to see Daniel Bryan compete in the squared circle again, we hope he considers his future before making a rash decision.

Bryan has been tremendous in his role as SmackDown Live General Manager, and he has also proven to be a good colour commentator during his stint with Mauro Ranallo on the Cruiserweight Classic.

Maybe over the course of the next year and a half, Bryan will find peace with his role in WWE and finally put his in-ring career behind him.

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