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D’Andre Swift trade leads to high praise for Howie Roseman


Philadelphia Eagles v Detroit Lions
Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images

Exciting move!

Whether or not you agree with the trade, there’s no questioning Howie Roseman going all in during this NFL Draft weekend for the Eagles. He saw the Lions take a running back in the first round and called them up about D’Andre Swift, and before you know it, Swift is headed to Philly for a seventh round pick swap and a 2025 fourth rounder.

Roseman has clearly not gotten over the Eagles Super Bowl loss and that’s going to be fantastic for the 2023 roster. Not only did the GM turn six draft picks into nine, but he managed to add a really good, low risk option at running back. It was exactly the kind of depth the RB room needed, and if he can stay healthy, could be an explosive playmaker.

Swift is a Philly native and his new teammates are celebrating Roseman’s move on Saturday.

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