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Cowboys game ball: Chauncey Golston a nuisance in the Nation’s Capital


NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles
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Despite a dismal day for Dallas, defensive lineman Chauncey Golston had a big game.

The word that comes to mind when reflecting on the Dallas Cowboys’ 26-6 loss against the Washington Commanders is disappointing. First, it’s disappointing because the team had a lot of incentive to win this game in playing for a shot at securing the NFC East crown and a first-round bye in the playoffs. Second and most disappointing was how poorly the team played in all three phases of the game. Special teams were uncharacteristically poor, the defense gave up several explosive plays and the offense was abysmal.

Dak Prescott completed only 14 of 37 attempts (37%) and the running game had 64 total yards on 27 rushes against a Washington team devoid of many of their starters. That’s the bad news. The good news is that this team still has a lot to play for despite Sunday’s performance. If there was a singular silver (and blue) lining in Sunday’s loss, it’s the performance of Chauncey Golston, who takes this week’s game ball.

A chance for Chauncey

If for some this was their first introduction to Gholston, nobody can blame you. He’s played sparingly for most of his career. In fact, entering Sunday’s game Golston has played in just 23% of the team’s defensive snaps. That’s mostly a testament to the deep defensive line rotation the Cowboys have. Yet when given the chance to play extended time, Gholston made an impression and despite it being in a one-sided contest, Golston was everywhere on the field and had the best game of his career.

Overall, Golston led all players with a game-high eleven tackles. What’s more impressive is that he did it playing as an interior defender. He’s a bit undersized for an interior player but what he lacks in that area he makes up for in quickness. Though you may have a hard time reexamining this game, you should go back and watch it if only for Golston.

Countless times Golston was active in the running game and disrupting plays for the Washington offensive line. He had no problem taking on two blocks before shedding them to get to the ball carrier. In one instance, when the game was still within a reasonable deficit, Dallas trailed by a score of 13-6 with the Commanders facing a key 3rd and 1 near midfield. Golston was able to fight through the right tackle and make the tackle for loss on Jonathan Williams.

Plus, there were two separate plays where he left the blocker in their tracks. First, lined up against Charles Leno, Golston beats him so swiftly that it knocks Leno to the ground before making the tackle. Then toward the end of the game, he goes back to the same move and explodes into the backfield for the tackle. While they’ll be several things to discuss that didn’t go well for the Cowboys on Sunday, Golston most certainly won’t be one of them.

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