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Cowboys countdown to kickoff: #60 Isaac Alarcón


Jacksonville Jaguars v Dallas Cowboys
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The Dallas Cowboys face the New York Giants in Week 1. And we’re counting down to it by jersey numbers.

We’re continuing our countdown to the opening game of the Dallas Cowboys 2023 regular season. Each day we’ll present a new player whose jersey number represents the countdown to opening day. Today is number 60.

DT Isaac Alarcón
Born: 27th July 1998 (24) – Monterrey, Nuevo León
College: Monterrey Wild Rams
Draft: 2020, UDFA (IPPP), Dallas Cowboys

Isaac Alarcón started playing football for his local team at the age of 14. From high school he accepted a scholarship to the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education. The team had him playing at both left and right tackle during his time and he would be recognized as one of the most complete tackles in the Mexican college league. He would be nominated to represent Mexico in the IFAF U-19 World Championship and help his country win a bronze medal in the competition. Then in 2019, the Wild Rams won the Mexican college football national championship and Alarcón played a big part in helping the team to victory.

Cowboys Outlook:
Alarcón was selected to train with draft prospects at IMG Academy after being selected from the International Combine held in Germany. On April 27th, 2020. Alarcón was allocated to Dallas under the International Player Pathway Program and while under the IPPP, he has never counted to the squad’s final roster numbers during preseason or while on the practice squad. Since the Cowboys want to try and develop Alarcón, he has been on the team’s preseason roster and then moved between waivers and practice squad allocation ever since. Most fans will remember Alarcón being a highlight character during the 2021 series of NFL Hard Knocks, and after his appearance during the show many fans and broadcasters have watched him closely the past two offseasons in the hope he can put his skills on the field and become the ultimate underdog champion.

During the 2023 offseason the front office made a move with Alarcón and placed him on the opposite side of the line to see what he can deliver as a defensive tackle. Given his past experience as an offensive lineman, this can sometimes shake out interesting results, just ask Trevon Diggs how playing wide receiver helped his career as a defensive back. The issue now facing Alarcón is he has to try and establish a footing quickly as a defensive tackle and learn quickly, he is now in a “now or never” year with Dallas. His IPPP status is now expired and if he wants to remain in the NFL with the Cowboys, he has to take a roster spot on the final 53-man roster or practice squad. So the pressure is extremely high for Alarcón this year. The good news is both Mike McCarthy and Dan Quinn have praised his effort and how natural he looks at the position. There is some hope for Alarcón this year but the odds are heavily stacked against him, especially when you factor in how stacked the Cowboys defensive line is already.

Projected 2023 Stats:
Snaps: 56
Tackles: 4
Pressures: 4
Sacks: 0
TFL: 1
Defensive stops: 1

The Big Question:
Is Isaac Alarcón on either the Cowboys active roster or practice squad this year? Answer in the comments.

Jacksonville Jaguars v Dallas Cowboys
Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

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