Could Matt and Jeff Hardy be returning to WWE?


TNA is in a tough situation right now because of their TV situation and they have to cut costs. The Wrestling Observer newsletter noted that Kurt Angle and Jeff Hardy are believed to be the two higest paid wrestlers working for TNA.

It’s interesting that Jeff Hardy’s name has come up in recent days within WWE. Prior to this week, any mention of Hardy had not been encouraged. The Hardy’s were mentioned in the backstage skit during the segment with Edge, Christian and The Dudley Boyz. Also, WWE has been asking fans to tweet them if they are interested in seeing Jeff Hardy back.

One person in the company noted to Dave Meltzer that there have been a lot of mentions of him going around of late.

I believe Matt Hardy has said in the past, when the question was asked, that he would entertain an offer from WWE but he would only be willing to wrestle a part-time schedule.



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