Corey Graves On His Relationship With Carmella Filmed For Total Divas


Corey Graves was a special guest on this week’s Sam Robert’s Wrestling Podcast to discuss how hard it is to be himself while on camera.

On Being Himself: It’s not something I was looking to make a habit out of. It was kind of an accidental occurrence in the first place. It was really wild because they say, ‘oh, be yourself.’ But I can’t be myself when there are cameras there all the time because that is how you end up in jail.

On His Relationship Being Filmed: It wasn’t something that I had planned, but it was a lot of fun. The crew we worked with was a lot of fun. They took us out and put us in some pretty fun situations. I didn’t hate it. I have not watched it back yet as it was a pretty dark and bizarre place in my life so it is what it is. It’s weird, the social media response to it has been unanimously positive, which is weird. That makes it uncomfortable for me. I’m not used to people being nice on social media.

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