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Community pulse: Fans want a quarterback, among other things


NFL Combine
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Fans have strong opinion on draft needs

The NFL draft is less than three weeks away and the conversation in this community is fully focused on what the Las Vegas Raiders will and, of course, what they should do in the three-day player-selection process that runs April 25-27.

So, naturally, we spent our Tuesday Community Question time on the draft subject this week. We asked our community members what is the top draft need of the Raiders in their opinion.

Of course, a quarterback is at the top of mind for many fans. It’s no secret the Raiders would love to find a way to draft a top quarterback prospect such as LSU’s Jayden Daniels. But there are other need areas as well and we had some strong takes.

Here are some of your responses:

Biggest need is a SOLID draft class.
2-3 starters this year and another 3-5 that will become starters or important role players.
We cannot afford to keep making poor draft picks, this roster is too thin. Many (most?) positions have little to no young depth.


I think it depends on what your need is for:
for winning a SB or remaking the dynasty…..a QB
to field a competent, playoff worthy team: RT, G, CB, RB, QB
I believe we’ll be a playoff team with either Minny or AO4 but beating the top teams on a consistent basis would be a step too far


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