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Colts’ Jim Irsay on Jonathan Taylor: ‘Chris Ballard’s gonna work hard and try to get the waters calm’


Indianapolis Colts v Dallas Cowboys
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The Colts are hoping their general manager Chris Ballard can smooth things over with Jonathan Taylor going forward.

Indianapolis Colts team owner Jim Irsay spoke to the media during Saturday’s preseason win against the Chicago Bears and indicated that his general manager, Chris Ballard, is looking to ‘calm the waters’ regarding disgruntled star running back Jonathan Taylor’s contentious contract situation (via The Athletic’s James Boyd):

Irsay’s most recent comments appear to be a lot more graceful than some of his earlier public remarks regarding Taylor—which even if unintentional, were arguably pointed and only added gasoline to an already explosive situation. The tensions between the team and Taylor and his representation only then escalated, reaching a boiling over point when Taylor ultimately requested a trade to begin training camp.

Irsay even went as far as to say that they’re looking forward to Taylor regaining his prior NFL First-Team All-Pro form, and that his franchise wants to do everything they can to support him because he’s a great young man. He also respects Taylor’s ability to fight for his position and his family, but also preaches that ‘timing is everything.’

It also demonstrates that Irsay may be deferring to Ballard from here on out to lead future contract negotiations and help mend what had been a fractured relationship—but appears to be getting at least slightly better as of late between both sides.

Honestly, that probably should’ve been the easy solution from the start.

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