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Colt Cabana On WWE Sending A ‘Cease And Desist’ To The Young Bucks


Colt Cabana spoke with Channel Guide Magazine on a number of wrestling topics. He talked on WWE sending a “cease and desist” to the Young Bucks.

WWE sending a “cease and desist” to the Young Bucks:

“They’ve always done stuff like this. From the days of Howard Finkel, his alleged job was to read the dirt sheets to see what was happening. They always had their ear to the ground on who is infringing on their stuff. I get it. They went to their own place. The Young Bucks and Bullet Club went to their show and tried to make a little raucous the same way WWE did years ago. They have the right to use their money and lawyers the way they want to. They have a lot of money and have a lot of lawyers. So that’s what they do.”

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