Cody Rhodes Reveals Creative Idea For Him For WWE Brand Extension, One Person Getting It Nixed


Recently, Baby Huey and Bimbo Jimbo from 107.7 The Bone (San Francisco, CA) caught up with independent professional wrestler Cody, also known as former WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes. Among other things, Rhodes talked about whether WWE’s brand extension was a missed opportunity for him.

On the subject of WWE’s brand split, Rhodes professed that Road Dogg has done a great job with SmackDown Live. ‘The Grandson Of A Plumber’ shared that there were once plans for him to be Stardust on one show and Cody Rhodes on the other show.

“Well, I mean, Road Dogg has done a really incredible job with SmackDown Live.” Rhodes added, “Road Dogg has done a really incredible job with SmackDown Live, and, at one point, the plan was for me to be Stardust on one brand, and Cody Rhodes on another brand.”

Unfortunately, one person with decision-making authority did not want to go with the idea and ‘The American Nightmare’ took his talents to the indies.

“Yeah, I thought that was a really great idea. I absolutely wanted to do it and everybody wanted to do it, except for one person who will remain nameless, but that one person has the main vote, so I didn’t want to wait any longer. We could have fought for it. And, yeah, it’s possible it could have happened and it would have been really cool, but I was at the point where, man, it’s like it was an emotional decision as far as it was going to be snap, and had to happen, and I had to get out of there and I did.”

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Source: The Other Guys Podcast (H/T to WrestlingINC)

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