Cody Rhodes Hints At Future Showdown With Roman Reigns, How He and Reigns Have Yet To Interact Since He Returned


WWE superstar Cody Rhodes spoke with Sports Illustrated ahead of this evening’s Raw, where the American Nightmare discussed a number of different topics, including how he hopes to one day face-off against the company’s top talent, Roman Reigns. Highlights are below.

How he has yet to have any interactions with Roman Reigns since returning to WWE:

“Roman Reigns and I, we haven’t had any interactions yet. We haven’t crossed paths in the ring. I’ve seen enough to know he is incredible, and even better when you see him up close. So this isn’t the easiest path I’ve chosen. But I know I can do this.”

Hoping for a future showdown with the Tribal Chief:

“I can’t answer that question until we’re in the ring. The difference between the two best wrestlers in the world is that one has both titles to prove it. The WWE championship is the biggest title in the game. That’s never been in dispute, and that’s not a knock on any title anywhere else. The way to define the best in the world is the one holding the belt, and that’s Roman Reigns.”

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