CM Punk is a “Beast” — Says MMA Fighter


Titan FC welterweight Belal Muhammad has been sparing with CM Punk, during Punk’s training. Muhammad was able to give some insight on Punk’s progress while speaking with MMA Roasted. The welterweight fighter said that Punk would knock out Cathal Pendred in the first round.

Punk and Pendred have exchanged words on twitter before starting with Pendred calling out Punk’s training videos. Punk would then post videos of Pendred not doing so well in the octagon and called Pendred boring.

As reported earlier, Punk’s debut in the UFC will, most likely, not happen in 2015. You can read the transcript (from Bleacher Report) below:

Dude is a beast. Everybody is talking all this trash about him, like Cathal Pendred saying he wants to be his first fight, but I think CM Punk would whoop him within the first round. I guarantee it. He would knock him out. Dude is legit. People are always talking trash, but they are going to see. He’s in the gym day in and day out doing like three practices a day.

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