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Clark Connors On His Run With NJPW, Says He Is Grateful For The Opportunities They Have Given Him


NJPW star Clark Connors recently sat down with Fightful for an in-depth conversation about all things pro-wrestling, including his thoughts on working for NJPW, how grateful he is for all the opportunities they have allotted him, and whether he thinks he will be going elsewhere once his contract expires. Highlights from the interview are below.

Says he is still with NJPW and is grateful that they have given him so many opportunities:

“I love New Japan. They’ve given me every opportunity in the world, but I’m also a businessman, don’t get me wrong. I would never say never to anything. I’d want to hear about it. It’s nice to know where you’re at in the wrestling world. But my allegiances are firmly in New Japan right now, as long as I get the chance to actually show what I can do and that’s all I got to say about that. I’ve been with the company for four years now under contract. Obviously the pandemic played a role in that. So we’ll see in 2023 and I know big things are coming on my end. So let’s see if they can hold up their end of the bargain, too. ‘Cause I want the best for everybody.”

Who has hit him the hardest in NJPW:

“Oh, man. Dude, this might surprise you, Honma, recently when I wrestled him one on one. I did not see that coming. You see the way he hits, right? Very robotic and he’s got that hard neck. It’s the New Japan style, though. ‘Hit me. No, hit me harder. Hit me, hit me harder.’ I hit him as hard as I fucking could, dude. Then dude blasted me so hard my jaw shook and I think my right eye is still coming back into place. But yeah, that dude’s a real one. It was real great, though.”

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