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Chris Jericho Says That Logan Paul Succeeding Is Good For The Wrestling Business, Calls WWE Smart For Using Him


AEW superstar and current ROH world champion Chris Jericho recently spoke with Howie Mandel about a wide range of pro-wrestling-related topics, including his thoughts on WWE using Logan Paul, how well Paul has done for himself after only three matches, and why he thinks WWE is smart for using someone with such a large non-wrestling following. Highlights from the interview can be found below.

Why Paul wrestling is good for the business:

“I think it’s great. I think it’s awesome. Anytime you can get somebody from the outside world coming into wrestling and put a spotlight on it, it’s great. Logan Paul is good for the business because it gets more eyeballs onto the show for people who might not watch wrestling or boxing. It’s smart.”

Says that regardless if other wrestlers like Paul or not he is selling tickets and helping put eyes on the product:

“If [other wrestlers] aren’t happy with it, they don’t understand business. The most important thing is selling tickets. That’s the most important thing. I don’t care if it’s Logan Paul, Howie Mandel, or the return of Steve Austin or whatever it may be. It’s stuntcasting. If it works, it’s fine with me. There are always going to be people who are going to be angry that Logan Paul is in wrestling but if it works, you can’t worry about the people who are getting angry because they probably don’t understand. They’re probably younger guys. For me, I understand what it’s like to travel between worlds and the animosity you get from that from some people who will never get it. That’s fine, you just deal with that. You can’t worry about people that don’t like you. All I worry about is people that do like me and making new fans.”

(H/T and transcribed by Fightful)

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