Chris Jericho Responds To Jim Cornette Ripping Kenny Omega


On Jim Cornette’s latest podcast, Cornette discussed the upcoming match between Chris Jericho and Cornette’s arch-nemesis, Kenny Omega, at Wrestle Kingdom 12 on January 4, 2018.

Cornette praised Jericho and said that he he’s a huge fan of his, noting that he was the first person to book Jericho in the U.S. Cornette said that it was a smart move on Jericho’s part, since he’ll make a “sh-tpot” full of money for having a match with a “broomstick” and he believes that Jericho will pull it off. Cornette also said that he will not be watching the match.

“If it was any other serious other real pro wrestler than Omega, I would watch this, obviously,” Cornette said. “But just the sight of his [Omega] f–king punk face and the sound of his whiny voice makes me sick to my stomach.”

Cornette noted that “despite Omega being in it,” the match will do big business because Jericho is very smart and will make it work. Cornette praised Jericho for promoting the match properly and making it about a real grudge as opposed to talking about having a great performance.

Cornette, who has consistently ripped Omega for his matches in Japan with a blowup doll and an 8-year-old girl, also echoed those sentiments on Twitter this morning, as seen below:

Jericho responded to Cornette and said that he might need him in his corner:

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