Chris Jericho Reportedly Deals with “All Messed Up” Man Following Incident at Fozzy Show


Chris Jericho was reportedly involved in an altercation with a fan following the Fozzy concert at The Exchange in Regina, Saskatchewan on Sunday night.

The incident reportedly started when a drunk man, described as being “all messed up” when the trouble began, tried getting on the Fozzy tour bus, according to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio. Apparently there was a younger man who helped perform with the band that night, and he wanted to get on the tour bus to get autographs. Another man, the intoxicated guy who later ended up in police custody, reportedly tried to help the autograph-seeker get on the bus. The band did not want the inebriated man on the bus, but he tried sneaking on anyway. A crew member saw this and ended up in a fight with the guy, coming out of it with a broken collarbone.

Jericho reportedly came off the bus and started yelling at the drunk man as he was being was kicked out. Jericho hit the man with a Spear and mounted him with punches, according to Meltzer. Jericho returned to the bus, came back out and yelled at the guy, and hit him with more punches.

People were watching the incident unfold and tried to hold the man until police arrived. He got away and was later chased by police, then apprehended. There’s no word yet on what the man was charged with or if anyone else is facing charges but we will keep you updated.

Jericho and his band are currently on tour in Canada. Below are a few clips from the shows in Regina and Edmonton:

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